SUNQ Pass steering committee
Fundamental Policy in Handling Personal Information

16 Apr, 2007
This policy determines a basic outline on the handling of user personal information by SUNQ Pass steering committee.
SUNQ pass steering committee shall appropriately undertake personal information access, its usage and administration by observing laws and ordinances on the protection of personal information.

Handling of Personal Information
1. While acquiring for personal information, we shall specify the intended purpose and acquire needed information within the limits of purpose achievement. While using personal information, we shall limit the usage within the clarified, acknowledged or announced usage purpose only.
2. Otherwise mutually agreed beforehand, we will not disclose and provide personal information to a third party.
3. Each personal information dealers has a chief privacy officer (CPO) to conduct an appropriate safety management.
Additionally, if the job of handling personal information is consigned to contractors, SUNQ Pass steering committee shall supervise that a safety management is appropriately conducted.
4. We shall properly address user requests for disclosure and amendment of personal information, according to applicable laws and regulations.
For such requests, we may request for specific documents for submission, determine the method of confirming the identity of the requester or ask for a service charge based on the actual cost incurred to the requester.
5. The handling of personal information shall be continuously reviewed and improved from time to time.

This committee may make revisions upon the declaration of the above policy,
*We may response differently from the stated policy above for demands from official bodies etc. which is made based on specific laws or ordinances.
*Disclosure of personal information handling by the steering committee of Kyushu Highway Bus Reservation System depends on the display method in the homepage.

Inquiries on personal information
A general reception counter is placed for inquiring on personal information.

Nishitetsu Co. Ltd
TEL 092-734-1404
(Reception: 10:00-18:00 * except for Sat, Sun, Public holidays and company holidays)
11-17, Fukuoka Bldg., Tenjin 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-8570 Japan.

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