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Q What is SUNQ PASS actually?

It is a boarding pass for unlimited rides on highway and local buses in Kyushu and Shimonoseki area, valid within pre-specified 3 (or 4) consecutive days. There are 2 types of SUNQ Pass; All Kyushu Pass (10,000yen for 3 days, 14,000yen for 4 days) for unlimited bus and ship rides within all 7 prefectures in Kyushu, and Northern Kyushu Pass (8,000yen) for unlimited bus and ship rides within 5 prefectures (Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, and Oita).
All Kyushu Pass enables you to use any route from about 2,400 routes while Northern Kyushu Pass is applicable for about 1,500 routes. They are the only passes for you to get maximum advantage of the extensive bus network in Kyushu Island.

Q For whom and when is it convenient to use?
People who do not have driving license, who are not used to driving and who want to enjoy drinking at their travel destinations can enjoy the benefit of SUNQ Pass.
Also, people who want to visit as many spots as possible for sightseeing would also benefit from these reasonable passes for All Kyushu (10,000yen for 3 days and 14,000 for 4 days) and Northern Kyushu (8,000yen).
Q How do I use it?
Please see Usage Guide
Q Do I have to take the boarding ticket?
Yes. Please take the boarding ticket from dispensers available on local bus and selected highway bus while boarding.
Q What will happen if I use Northern Kyushu Pass to go to Miyazaki or Kagoshima?
You will have to pay for the standard one-way fare of the route.
Q Can it be used for overnight buses?
You can use the pass for overnight buses operating within Kyushu Island, such as Fukuoka - Kagoshima, Oita - Kagoshima routes.
You can also board on the overnight bus that departs on the night of the last valid day and arrive on the next morning (the fourth day).
Q Can I make stopovers?
As long as it is within the accessible routes and valid period of your SUNQ Pass, you can hop-on-hop-off the bus anywhere and as many times you like.
(You cannot hop-off at boarding-only points).
Please note that you may not be allowed to board on buses which requires seat or schedule reservation without prior booking.
Therefore, please make sure to make reservation for such buses.
Q Is SUNQ Pass refundable and are changes on valid period possible?
Yes, provided that the request for refund or period change is done at least one day before the original valid period starts.
For any reasons, it is invalid for refund or change if the request is made on the day of the valid period onwards.
Additionally, no refunds, extension of valid period or transfer of transportation will be provided in case of cancellation of operation due to abnormal weather and such.
Q What if I lose the pass on the way?
We will not re-issue it.
Please keep it carefully.
Q Can I keep the pass after using it?
Yes, you can keep it because we do not collect it after usage.
However, if you use it after the valid period, for any reasons we will charge you with an additional fee.
Q When purchasing SUNQ Pass in Tokyo, there is a note saying Please buy the ticket to Kyushu concurrently or present the purchased ticket.
Can it be other than highway bus ticket (ie: Fukuoka _ Tokyo)?
Or what is the price if I missed the chance of buying the pass in Tokyo and wanted to get it in Kyushu?
The ticket you buy with SUNQ pass or you show when purchasing can be an airline, shinkansen (bullet train), ferry or other types of transportation ticket.
For SUNQ Pass bought at designated agencies located eastwards of Hyogo prefecture and in Shikoku, the Northern Kyushu Pass is 6000yen and All Kyushu Pass is 10,000yen for 3 days and 1400yen for 4 days.
If it is purchased at counters within Kyushu Island, the Northern Kyushu Pass costs 8,000yen. The price of All Kyushu Pass is the same as when it is bought outside the area.
Q Is there any meaning behind “SUNQ Pass”?
Sankyu (SUN-Q) is the combination of the sun (SUN) which represents the warm image of Kyushu and the 3 (“san” in Japanese) days validity while “Q” represents Kyushu’s first three alphabets, “Kyu”. Additionally, “Thank you” is pronounced as “Sankyu” by Japanese so it represents our heartfelt thanks to the users of this pass.
Q Where can I purchase it?
Please see Where to Purchase.
Q Is there any discount for children and disabled passengers on the SUNQ Pass?
No, there is no special discount for children and disabled passengers on the SUNQ Pass.
Q Can I use a SUNQ pass for the Cross Kyushu buses?
Yes, the SUNQ Pass is applicable to the rides on the Cross Kyushu buses.
Please note that advance reservation is required.
Reservation can be made through the 'Raku-Bus' website or at the Kyushu Sanko Bus Cross Kyushu Bus Reservation & Information Center.
The 'Raku-Bus' website (All Kyushu Highway Bus Reservation Site) is available only for the reservation of Kuju Liner.
For other information on the Cross Kyushu liners, please contact the Cross Kyushu Bus Reservation & Information Center.

Kyushu Sanko Bus Cross Kyushu Bus Reservation & Information Center
096-354-4845 [office hour 8a.m.-7p.m.]

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