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Regarding the termination of the sales of SUNQ Pass at etix DATA FARM Co.


Thank you for using the SUNQ Pass.
Currently, the SUNQ Pass is sold online at etix DATA FARM Co., but it will no longer be sold there as of Monday, June 25, 2018.
Thank you for your understanding. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please use the "WEB SUNQ Pass" for purchasing online.

[Additional benefit] We added benefits in Kagoshima Prefecture related to “Segodon,” the long-running TV series!

There are new additional benefits in Kagoshima Prefecture to do with “Segodon,” a current long-running TV series. Present your SUNQ Pass at the Segodon-Taigadoramakan (Segodon Taiga Drama Hall) in Kagoshima city, and receive a
120 yen discount for adults,
60 yen discount for children,
and 100 yen discount for adults and children at the Ibusuki Segodonkan (Ibusuki Segodon Hall) in Ibusuki City
Get your SUNQ Pass today for deals on tourism in Kyushu/Kagoshima!

The Southern Kyushu Pass is on sale now! The prices for some passes have been updated as well.


As of Sunday April 1, 2018, a new type of pass, the "3-Day Southern Kyushu SUNQ Pass" will go on sale, and the prices of a portion of the other passes/eligible routes will be changed.
Kagoshima, Miyazaki, and Kumamoto Prefectures are home to many fantastic sightseeing spots, such as Sakurajima, Kirishima, Ibusuki, Takachiho, and Hitoyoshi. The increasing number of flights and low cost carriers providing service to Southern Kyushu from various countries as well as the increase in cruise liner stops in Southern Kyushu continue to increase inbound tourism in the area.
We are now offering a new pass which can be used in the three southern prefectures of Kyushu in response to tourism demand in Southern Kyushu. Additionally, we have changed the prices of a portion of the passes, and added the Nagasaki-Miyazaki line and the Nagasaki-Kagoshima line to the usable lines in the All Kyushu Pass. Now, all of the highway bus routes in the eligible area are covered by the SUNQ Pass.

The SUNQ Pass Management Committee continues to contribute efforts towards the development of tourism in Kyushu.

[Please read] Regarding SUNQ Pass eligible routes


Thank you for using the SUNQ Pass.
The SUNQ Pass cannot be used on streetcars run by the Kumamoto city Transportation Bureau (Kumamoto City streetcars). We ask that customers with the old type of pass with “Kumamoto City Transportation Bureau” on the list of eligible companies on the pass be aware of this.
The pass is currently valid with “Kumamoto Toshi Bus."


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