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About the
SUNQ Pass Management Committee

The SUNQ Pass Management Committee is an organization made up of 47 companies in all prefectures in Kyushu as well as in Shimonoseki that is responsible for issuing and managing the Northern Kyushu SUNQ Pass, and the All Kyushu SUNQ Pass.


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A brief history

March, 2005 Trial sales of the SUNQ Pass begin
Sales begin for a trial run with limited eligible routes (Northern Kyushu highway buses, and some city buses) and trial duration (7 months)
August, 2005 Sales begin in South Korea
October, 2005 Trial period is extended until March 2006.
April, 2006 Trial sales of the All Kyushu SUNQ Pass begin
...The pass is expanded to include virtually all highway and city buses in Kyushu.
October, 2006 The trial period finishes, marking the beginning of sales in earnest.
April, 2007 Internet sales begin
June, 2008 The eligible area is expanded to include Shimonoseki and ferries
Sales of the 4-day SUNQ Pass begin
February, 2009 Travel agencies across the country handle the passes.
April, 2014 Sales begin in Taiwan
March, 2015 Sales of the smartphone-only WEB SUNQ Pass begin
April, 2016 Expanded eligible routes into Shimonoseki
March, 2018 Sales of the "3-day Southern Kyushu Pass" begin

47 participating companies
(in no particular order) [as of April, 2019]

Fukuoka Prefecture Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd., Nishitetsu Bus Kitakyushu Co., Ltd., Nishitetsu Bus Saga Co., Ltd., Nishitetsu Bus Kurume Co., Ltd., Nishitetsu Bus Omuta Co., Ltd., Nishitetsu Bus Chikuho Co., Ltd., Nishitetsu Bus Munakata Co., Ltd., Nishitetsu Bus Futsukaichi Co., Ltd., JR Kyushu Bus Company, Kyushu Kyuko Bus Company, Kitakyushu City Transportation Bureau, Horikawa Bus Co., Ltd., Kanmon-kisen Co., Ltd., Fukuoka city Port&Airport Bureau
Saga Prefecture Showa Bus Co., Ltd., Saga City Transportation Bureau, Yutoku Bus Co., Ltd.
Nagasaki Prefecture Saihi Motor Co., Ltd., Nagasaki City Transportation Bureau, Shimabara Railway Co., Ltd., Nagasaki Motor Bus Co., Ltd., Saikai-kotsu Co., Ltd., Nagasaki Prefecture Central Bus Co., Ltd., Sasebo Bus Co., Ltd.
Kumamoto Prefecture Kyushu Sanko Bus Co. Ltd., Sanko Bus Co., Ltd., Kumamoto Bus Co., Ltd., Kumamoto Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Kumamoto Toshi Bus Co., Ltd., Kumamoto Ferry Co., Ltd.
Oita Prefecture Oita Bus Co., Ltd., Ono-Taketa Bus Co., Ltd., Kyuushin Kotsu Co., Ltd., Oita Kotsu Co., Ltd., Kunisaki Kanko Bus Co., Ltd., Daikohokubu Bus Co., Ltd., Kusu Kanko Bus Co., Ltd., Hita Bus Co., Ltd., Kamenoi Bus Co., Ltd.
Miyazaki Prefecture Miyazaki Kotsu Co., Ltd.
Kagoshima Prefecture Nangoku Kotsu Co., Ltd., Kagoshima Kotsu Co., Ltd., Kagoshima City Transportation Bureau, Kagoshima Kotsu Kanko Bus Co., Ltd., Kagoshima City Ferry Division
Yamaguchi Prefecture Sanden Kotsu Co., Ltd., Blue Line Kotsu Co., Ltd.

SUNQ Pass—an unlimited bus ticket for Kyushu

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