All Kyushu Pass 3-days Model Course
Northern Kyushu Pass 3-days Model Course

Northern Kyushu Pass 3-days Model Course

START! Fukuoka Airport
Arrive in Fukuoka Airport. Move to Tenjin or Hakata Station.
Get on the highway bus to Miyazaki.

3hrs 41min. 6,000yen
Arrive at Miyazaki Depato-mae bus stop. Change to bus for Aoshima.
Arrive in Aoshima. After hotel check-in, go for a stroll while watching sunset on the Pacific Ocean. Stay at a hotel overnight.
Early next morning, depart to Kagoshima by a journey through Miyazaki.

2hrs 34min. 2,700yen
Have lunch after arriving at Tenmonkan, Kagoshima.
Enjoy sightseeing at Sakurajima and Shiroyama. Depart for Ibusuki.

2hrs 35min. 2,100yen
Check-in at the hotel after arriving in Ibusuki.
Try hot sand bath, stay the night at the hotel after dinner.
Early next morning, depart to Kirishima through Kagoshima.

38min. 650yen
After arriving in Kagoshima Airport, change to bus bound for Kirishima.
Arrive in Kirishima. Enjoy hot spring - bath and then have lunch.
Depart from Kagoshima Airport to Fukuoka.

3hrs 42min. 5,300yen
FINISH! Fukuoka
Arrive at Hakata Station Bus Terminal and then leave for Fukuoka Airport shortly.

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