All Kyushu Pass 3-days Model Course
Northern Kyushu Pass 3-days Model Course

All Kyushu Pass 3-days Model Course

START! Fukuoka Airport
Move to Domestic Terminal; get on a bus to Yufuin at bus stop no. 2
(There are also regular departures from Hakata Station Bus Terminal)

2hrs. 2,800yen
Arrive at Ekimae Terminal. Stroll around the area.
Theme shops and Kinrinko-Lake visit will take you about 3 hours in total.
You can also take a hot-spring bath (for 500-700yen).
Before 5p.m., get on a bus to Fukuoka at the same bus stop during arrival.

2hrs. 2,800yen
Night spots and stay in Fukuoka
Go around Hakata Station area, Canal City and Nakasu for sightseeing.
After 1 night stay, take a bus to Sasebo from Hakata Station Bus Terminal early the next morning.

1hr. 44min. 2,200yen
Go sightseeing around Sasebo Station area and taste the famous Sasebo burger.
Get on a bus to Huis Ten Bosch.

42min. 490yen
Huis Ten Bosch
Purchase the 1 day pass and enjoy inside.
To see all the attractions would take you 5 to 6hours.
Get on a bus to Sasebo before the park closes.

1hr 44min. 2,200yen
FINISH! Last Day
Sightseeing at Fukuoka Tower, Seaside Momochihama and Tenjin.
Leave for home.

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