How to Use SUNQ Pass
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How to Use SUNQ Pass
Check the accessible routes between origin and destination point.
Click here for SUNQ Pass route map

For reservation-required routes
About reservation-required highway buses
Usage method may vary between routes.
�Local Bus, Highway Bus (Reservation Unnecessary Routes) and �Highway Bus (Reservation Required Routes) can be switched by clicking on the respective tabs below.
Wait for the bus at the bus stop and confirm the applicable bus (look out for the sticker).
The sticker is pasted on the windshield and the left side of the bus (near the door for boarding).

Applicable for All Kyushu Pass Applicable for All Kyushu and Northern Kyushu Pass

Board the bus (through the center door on local buses) and take the boarding ticket from the dispenser near the door.
The same applies for highway buses which have ticket dispensers.

Announcement tells you the name of the next stop. Press the button if you want to get off.
Make sure that the bus has completely stopped before leaving your seat.

Clearly show your SUNQ Pass valid date to the driver and put the boarding ticket into the fare slot.

If NO reservation was made beforehand
Please show your SUNQ Pass and make reservation on routes you would like to take, departure time and destination bus stop at the ticket counters within major bus centers. (Please note that you might not be able to ride on the bus if the seats are full)
About reservation-required highway bus

If reservation has been made beforehand
Show your SUNQ Pass and mention your reservation number (such as your contact number etc) at the counter.
After completing the above procedure, you will receive the reserved ticket (seat ticket or confirmation slip) free-of-charge.
Please confirm the origin-destination names, date, time and seat number printed on the ticket.
Clearly show your SUNQ Pass and reserved ticket and submit only the reserved ticket to the bus driver.

Push the button when the bus stop name which you would like to get off is announced.
Make sure that the bus is completely stopped before leaving your seat.

Bookings made beforehand for reservation-required highway bus will save you the trouble of undergoing the procedure on the day of departure.
Furthermore, if you don�t make prior reservations, you might not be able to take the bus you wish for.

For more information on highway bus reservation, please see About reservation-required highway bus.

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