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About �Reservation required� Highway bus
If you are take a highway bus with SUNQ Pass, please get the reserved ticket (seat ticket or confirmation slip) at the counter and pass it to the bus driver on board.

Major Bus Routes

You can collect the reserved ticket after 8 a.m. on the same date of the preceding month to the boarding day (or 1st of the month of departure, in case the same date does not apply to the earlier month). (Please note that operating time varies by each counter). Telephone reservation is also accepted on the same period.

Reserved Seat (For buses within Kyushu)
If you reserved a daytime bus, please get a reserved ticket latest by the day before the boarding date.
You may not be allowed to board the bus if you do not have a reserved ticket.
Specified Time Routes (Fukuoka to Nagasaki, Sasebo)
Specified Time routes require you to get a reserved ticket at least 15 minutes before boarding time.

We accept reservation change or cancellation 15 minutes before the bus departed from the first station.
(Counters are expected to be crowded during peak seasons, especially weekends; therefore we suggest you to purchase tickets at the earliest opportunity.)

The date of boarding ...�*month*day�
Boarding zone ...(e.g.) �From Tenjin to Beppu�
Requested time ...(e.g.)�Depart from Tenjin at 21:05�
How many people (male, female) ...(e.g.)�One male, two females�
Single or Round trip journey ...In case of round trip, we will ask for your requested date and time of return as well.
Your Contact number ...Please mention from area code
Your Name ...****

Telephone Reservation
(operation time varies by bus service operators)
Telephone Interpretation service in English, Chinese and Korean is available. (*Telephone Interpretation service is available between 9:00-20:00)

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