How to Use SUNQ Pass
About the valid period for use
Purchasing SUNQ PASS
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About other terms for SUNQ Pass

About other terms for SUNQ Pass
Terms for Refund

Refunds will only be entertained if the request is made latest by the day before the valid period (as stated on the pass) starts, at the original counter of purchase. Please note that a certain amount of charge will be deducted from the refund.

We will not entertain refund requests made on the start date of SUNQ Pass onwards. No refunds will be given for the balance of valid period if it is used in a shorter duration.

Please be informed that no refunds, extension of valid period, substitution of transportation will be given for cancellation of bus trips due to abnormal weather and such.

Changing the usage date of SUNQ Pass

Changing the usage date is acceptable at the counters latest by the day before the valid period, where the pass was originally purchased.

If SUNQ Pass is lost

We will not reissue the pass. So, please keep it carefully.

Misuse of SUNQ Pass

If any unlawful action (such as altering, forging, using after a valid period, etc.,) is detected, we collect SUNQ Pass, which is deemed invalid and at the same time forfeit will be surcharged to the bearer.

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