Unlimited bus rides in Kyushu—
what exactly is the SUNQ Pass?

The SUNQ Pass is a “free-pass” style ticket which allows unlimited rides on nearly all highway buses, city buses, and ferries in Kyushu as well as in the Shimonoseki/Nagato area of Yamaguchi Prefecture. The pass is eligible for roughly 2,400 bus routes, allowing you to get around Kyushu with just one ticket. You are now able to use it on ferries, so it is even more convenient.

With just this pass, you can go anywhere, so long as buses are running. Give this economical ticket a try, and fully experience the fun of a journey by bus!

Eligible routes

Unlimited rides on roughly 2,400 routes
including highway/city buses (for the All Kyushu Pass)!

It’s unlimited, so you can make all sorts of memories on your trip!

Comes with coupons!

The SUNQ Pass comes with coupon deals!

20% off rental cars!

Make your ideal trip complete with buses and a rental car!


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SUNQ Pass—an unlimited bus ticket for Kyushu

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